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#04 Client relationship management

Talking to our clients is critical to Aareal Bank Group. And we take this approach to every project in our business segments.

Mastering the future together

We are strictly client-oriented and this focus underpins our product and service range – as well as our structures and processes, and our innovations. We aim to offer our clients real added value and to meet their specific requirements and expectations in the best way possible.

We see ourselves as an equal partner and reliable support for our clients in both business segments.

In the commercial property finance area, our longstanding client relationships are a key strength: we understand our clients' needs and speak their language, thanks to our local knowledge and our sector specialists' expertise.

Also when developing our digital solutions we aim to partner closely with our clients and include them in our innovation activities – using design thinking methods, for example. By seeking direct dialogue, we can respond to client requirements and anticipate trends, developments and risks at an early stage.

We also maintain close client relationships in the area of refinancing. Our fixed income investors particularly appreciate the personal contact with our staff, who have many years' experience of the capital markets.

Discover more about the uniques we can offer clients and the innovative solutions we are currently working on in the articles in our online Annual Report entitled "Urban future. Living in a megacity" and "Reset across the board? The digital property industry".

Making use of what we learn

We see client surveys as a key way of finding out about our strengths and weaknesses, especially in our customer relationship management activities and our product and service portfolio. This is why we regularly poll clients on how satisfied they are, and use the results of these surveys to draw up appropriate measures.

Our Group Business Consulting & Services (GBCS) division used the Net Promoter Score method in its most recent survey of our clients' willingness to recommend us to others: this revealed that over 80% of clients were satisfied, while the proportion of "promoters" – defined as those clients who say they would actively recommend Aareal Bank to others – was a good 50%. A total of 2,400 people took part in the survey, which was conducted in the third quarter of last year.

Client surveys are extremely important to us for another reason, too: digital transformation is driving a growing number of innovations in our product and service portfolio, and surveys enable us to identify the opportunities that this process brings and to develop innovative, market-driven solutions. 

What we are working on

  • Enhancing our client satisfaction surveys as a quality driver
  • Launching the Aareal Portal, which has the potential to fully digitalise client communication
  • Developing the prototype of a digital client interface in order to make communication even more efficient and transparent

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