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#11 Resource management

Using resources effectively and efficiently in everything we do.

New solutions for the workplace 4.0

More and more, a company's environmental footprint depends on how digitalised it is: although energy consumption rises when devices are networked during digital transformation, intelligent solutions improve energy efficiency.

These effects were also on show in the conversion of Aareal Bank Group's head office in Wiesbaden. The foyer and conference area were remodelled. At the same time, we installed a whole new technical infrastructure – everything from the HVAC systems through the lighting down to the audiovisual and communications technology was replaced. Why did we do this? Mainly because we wanted to create the ideal conditions for new, innovative ways of working and information sharing. This meant introducing a flexible floor plan. Functional, modular furniture allows designated areas to be created for projects that require particularly close, cross-divisional collaboration over several weeks or months. Moveable elements can now be used to create customised creative working environments of whatever size required that offer a variety of audiovisual technology solutions, depending on the atmosphere desired.

Balancing collaborative work and individual expression

The new interior design offers a productive mix of collaborative work and individual expression: there are spaces both for relatively informal discussions and for creative, focused project work. Both an “open space” with flexible table elements for group projects and smaller, lockable areas that offer privacy for individual work are available.

You can read more about how Aareal Bank Group is getting ready for the workplace of the future in the article in our online Annual Report entitled "New work – New ways of collaborating".

A detailed overview of our environmental performance indicators is given on our website. 

New spaces for new work

Dominik Dürschlag, a member of the Management Board of Aareal Estate AG, on the conversion project for Aareal Bank's head office that he headed

Mr Dürschlag, what were the reasons for the conversion?

"The way in which we work is changing as Aareal Bank Group digitalises its business. If we are to take this digital and cultural transformation process seriously, then we also need to create the spaces we need for this. The way we work in future is in our hands. If the conversion helps boost our customer orientation, innovative ability and agility even further, the investments will pay for themselves very quickly."

What makes the new foyer and conference area special?

Its enormous flexibility: the design we have developed offers space that is suited both for large events and for small project teams. Coupled with a groundbreaking technological infrastructure and high sustainability standards, this flexible space permits maximum creativity and productivity – while at the same time underscoring Aareal Bank Group's aspirations to employees and visitors alike.

What we are working on

  • Outsourcing in the area of facilities management, including drawing up and implementing efficiency planning
  • Optimising resource usage by introducing a casino app

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