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#06 Stakeholder dialogue

We seek dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders. Actively and repeatedly.

Understanding stakeholder interests, acting on insights

Our key stakeholders include our clients and business partners, the capital markets, the government and politicians, the general public/society and, of course, our employees. We seek to engage in and maintain a close dialogue with them. Our goal is to understand their expectations and requirements, and to incorporate their suggestions and ideas. At the same time, our stakeholder dialogue naturally also serves to communicate our own goals, ideas and beliefs. We use a variety of formats for this, depending on the target group. A list of these formats is given on our website.

Opportunities – such as those offered by digital transformation, for example – also entail change. For our clients and business partners, but also for our employees. Communicating and sharing information with our staff is therefore especially important to us at present, since it builds trust and makes sense of change. This is why we have reserved the most comprehensive information-sharing formats for employees and also further expanded our internal communications in the course of the past year. Examples include staff information meetings and town hall meetings plus, increasingly, formats devoted to specific topics such as our "Blockchain meeting", Aareal's "Marketplace of ideas" with its interactive workshops ("open labs"), and our "active breakfasts" at which individual employees can obtain information on developments, ask questions and contribute ideas. These Group-wide events are supplemented by specialised formats tailored to individual subsidiaries' needs, such as Aareon AG's "Group-wide Call". 

What we are working on

  • Continuing and expanding successful dialogue formats together with representatives of internal/external stakeholder groups
  • Adding sustainability to the agendas for advisory council meetings so as to capture our clients' expectations and requirements in this area

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