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#10 Sustainable Consulting/Services business

Our Consulting/Services offering helps our clients to achieve their sustainability goals.

Efficient processes, sustainable effects

The solutions in our Consulting/Services business segment provide clients from the property, housing and utilities sectors with tools that add real value to managing these businesses. These tools help to make processes and workflows leaner, faster and more efficient. They also let clients develop new offerings and improve their own sustainability performance.

As a rule, clients using our products and services can cut their administrative costs. This means, for example, that municipal and cooperative housing associations can offer more affordable housing.

In addition, our products and services help clients to reduce their environmental footprint. Our digital solutions slash paper consumption in our business partners' value chains. Intelligent measurement and information systems and the visualisation of consumption data (smart metering) encourage resource-friendly behaviour by our clients' customers.

You can find out more about our strengths in the Consulting/Services business segment and the strategy we are pursuing in the article in our online Annual Report entitled "Urban future. Living in a megacity". Information on recent products and ideas is also given in the article entitled "Living, reconceived: smart, mobile, sustainable" .

What we are working on

  • Cooperation between Aareon AG and Immomio, a start-up, on revolutionising the letting process
  • Tapping into new (digital) business possibilities along the value creation chain
  • Tapping into business areas in collaboration with the housing industry

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