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Aspiring to transparency

Aspiring to transparency

Aareal Bank Group has produced annual reports on its sustainability performance since 2012 – making this report the sixth of its kind. We continuously enhance its subject matter and format, based on readers' expectations and interests and the new requirements of the CSR Directive Implementing Act.

For example, this year for the first time the Sustainability Report is only available online, and its contents have been dovetailed with the Annual Report and through cross-references and links provided. It focuses mainly on the progress made during the reporting period in the twelve sustainability management action areas that were identified in our materiality analysis; in addition, it explains what we are currently working on and our plans for the future.

The Sustainability Report is supplemented and completed by the Non-financial Report 2017 that has been published online in accordance with the CSR Directive Implementing Act and that is based on the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 Guidelines. The Non-financial Report describes Aareal Bank Group's goals and policies for the five matters required by law (anti-corruption and bribery matters, employee-related matters, social matters, respect for human rights and environmental matters).

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