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#04 Client relationship management

Stakeholder dialogue is a core issue for us and a top priority for all Aareal Bank Group business segments.

"One of the best IR teams in global banking"

We engage in it systematically and in depth, since we regard it as crucial to our long-term success as a listed company.

At the beginning of the year, we commissioned consultants KPMG Makinson Cowell to perform an investor survey. The goal was to evaluate our capital market presence. This was done by conducting interviews with representatives of roughly 20 institutions.

The survey results are extremely encouraging: the investors polled take a positive view of our business strategy and in particular of what they see as Aareal Bank Group's appropriate risk appetite. In addition, all respondents were satisfied with the Investor Relations team's communications activities; in fact, the unit was described as "one of the best IR teams in global banking". Aareal's IR team has a reputation for being highly competent, reliable and available at all times.

Another positive factor is that investors have good, direct access to the Company's management. Our CEO, Hermann J. Merkens, personally takes part in many discussions with investors. Respondents rate the transparency of corporate reporting (e.g. the annual and quarterly reports, the sustainability report, analysts' presentations and announcements) as good overall. They also appreciate the fact that we have been awarded above-average ratings for ESG (environmental, social & governance) disclosures by the major sustainability rating agencies, and that non-financial topics and corporate governance are well integrated with the Company's practices and culture.

What we are working on

  • Increasing our use of digital communication channels in order to improve the efficiency and transparency of information sharing with our (SPF) clients
  • Aareal Portal: Expanding the online banking functionality for our housing industry clients in release 2.0
  • Continuing the Aareon Smart News format, which is designed to advise and support clients on their journey towards digitalised property management
  • Conducting a client satisfaction survey at selected Aareon international locations

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