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#01 Profitable business model

Aareal Bank Group's top priority is to ensure its sustainable success. This is why we pursue a long-term business strategy.

Fit for the future

To ensure we are already preparing for future developments, we launched a strategic review process to examine the following questions:

  • What will the world/our markets look like in 2025?
  • How must we prepare for the future in order to remain successful?
  • What contribution can our various business segments make here?
  • What will financial sector products and services look like in future?

Our Strategic Review Team developed a number of scenarios to identify possible answers to these questions, and then used these as the basis for recommending actions to be taken by the Group. The insights gained in this process are being used as the starting point for developing a vision of our future business strategy.

A large number of staff from across the entire Group are providing input for the strategic review process. Focus areas include interaction with clients and platforms, the impact of regulatory developments, our attractiveness as an employer and what payment transactions will look like in future. The scenario development process also takes future social challenges into account. In addition, it involves relevant stakeholders and experts, for example in the areas of the platform economy, smart cities and blockchain technologies.

The results of this process show us the topics, trends and markets that are potentially relevant to our future business strategy. At the same time, we can use them to identify opportunities and risks for our own and our clients' business.

What we are working on

  • SPF segment:
    • Continuing our flexible business focus on the most attractive markets from a risk/return perspective, e.g. the importance of our North America business and of the hotel portfolio, as well as continuing to expand our business in Australia and phasing out non-strategic portfolios
    • Expanding our existing exit channels and developing new channels in order to find additional balance-sheet friendly opportunities to acquire new business
  • C/S segment:
    • Continuing our work on our growth strategies, particularly for digital products, and increasing deposit volumes

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