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#11 Resource management

New ways of working, new working relationships – tomorrow's world of work requires a new level of flexibility from both employees and employers.

More flexibility, less office time

This is why Aareal Bank Group entered into a general works agreement in 2016 that gives its staff the right to work from home as well. Following a two-year trial phase, the agreement was extended for an unlimited period in October 2018.

At a technical level, we have made this possible by issuing employees with notebooks and the relevant external access authorisations for our systems. Additionally, we have implemented a virtual desktop system that provides access to company PCs from any other computers, including employees' own PCs or tablets. Greater use is being made of webinars and videoconferencing for communication and continuous professional development throughout Aareal Bank Group. The departments concerned implement the arrangements reached, and in particular ensure employee availability, on an individual basis.

The increased flexibility offered by this agreement has significantly enhanced employee satisfaction, since it allows staff to better align their private commitments and the requirements of their work. As a family-conscious organisation, this is particularly important to us. What is more, this flexibility makes our day-to-day work more varied and more diverse, helping staff to embrace change in other areas, too: for example, they are more open to digital media, fresh perspectives and new ideas.

The opportunity of mobile working also promotes employee freedom and self-determination while cutting carbon emissions. If all employees were to take advantage of the scheme, carbon emissions at our Wiesbaden site would fall by more than 400 tonnes a year. This corresponds to the annual electricity requirements for approximately 200 two-person households.

"Combining mobile working with periods in the office enables colleagues to react rapidly and flexibly to external events that would otherwise make it difficult for them to come in to work. The fact that they can work from anywhere often takes the pressure off in stressful situations and allows them to concentrate squarely on their activities. This increases their motivation and the quality of the results. All in all, mobile working makes a positive contribution to employee health and professional workplace management."

Klaus Novatius – Chairman of the Wiesbaden Works Council, Aareal Bank AG

What we are working on

  • Introducing an IT-based application for capturing and assessing consumption data
  • Raising employee awareness of how to save energy using dialogue formats and support for additional efficiency measures
  • Reducing plastic waste in Aareal's canteen to less than 1%, e.g. by using reusable containers for deliveries and storage and by only using crockery

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