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#06 Stakeholder dialogue

Stakeholder dialogue is highly important throughout Aareal Bank Group.

In touch with the times through in-depth information sharing

It offers us the chance to gain different perspectives on our Group and the individual business segments. This allows us to reflect better on what we do, and to identify new challenges and opportunities at an earlier stage.

Ongoing stakeholder dialogue also helps us enhance our sustainability management. It provides us with indications of what stakeholders need and expect from us, e.g. regarding the sustainable management and development of existing properties or business process optimisation.

This is why our subsidiary Aareon has decided to make sustainability a fixed agenda item for the meetings of its Client Advisory Council. These have been taking place for many years and are designed to enable members to exchange news and views about the needs of the German housing industry and how these vary from region to region, and to permit brainstorming, among other things. This fruitful Advisory Council cooperation has been a key factor in the development of close relationships and networks – not only between Aareon and its clients, but also directly among the latter.

Stakeholder dialogue in the Group goes much further, though: we are engaged in continuing discussions with the representatives of associations and industry bodies, religious institutions and universities, as well as with investors, business partners and of course our own employees and management staff. Our goal here is to find out which sustainability goals are important to our stakeholders, both in relation to the sector as a whole and to Aareal Bank Group in particular. This ensures that we are setting the right priorities in our sustainability management.

What we are working on

  • Continuing and expanding successful dialogue formats together with representatives of internal/external stakeholder groups and commissioning studies on social trends and topics (in some cases together with well-known partners)
  • Increasing use of interactive elements for liaising with internal and external stakeholders at events (e.g. Aareon Congress, Aareal Energy Forum), via platforms (e.g. Aareal Portal, Aareon Knowledge Portal, Client Cockpit) and in internal processes (e.g. feedback-based employee assessment system)

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