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#10 Sustainable Consulting/Services business

Our subsidiary Aareon offers solutions and services to link companies with their customers and business partners.

Digitalisation and connectivity lead to optimised processes

These include the Aareon occupant change management solution, which reduces the work involved with changes of tenants for everyone concerned. It connects residential property companies, utilities and heating meter reading services across industry boundaries.

Meter reading is often a high-maintenance activity: meters must be read, invoices prepared, and data processed and forwarded. The companies and individuals involved need this customer and consumption data in different formats and at different times. Duplicate data capture, manual processing and forwarding data on paper are still commonplace today. This not only takes considerable time, but also is a significant source of error.

The Aareon occupant change management solution offers an end-to-end digital solution for these processes: a common data portal is used to capture and read out data and to link the companies and service providers involved. This substantially reduces the manual processes involved in changes of tenants. The customer and consumption data are modified in the housing enterprise's ERP system. The data portal, which is linked to the ERP system, forwards the data to the meter reading services' and utilities' systems independently, in good time, and in the format required. This means that everyone who has been granted prior authorisation has transparent access to the contracts and to consumption, invoicing and tenant master data. This saves time, money and paper. In addition, there are fewer transcription errors, as well as a variety of opportunities to optimise neighbouring processes such as those involved in invoicing management.

The Aareon occupant change management solution is part of Aareon Smart World, a digital ecosystem for redesigning and optimising processes in the housing industry and related sectors.

Further information on the Aareon occupant change management solution can be seen here:

This video is only available in german language.

What we are working on

  • Trialling the Aareal Exchange & Payment platform, which enables invoices to be generated directly from the ERP system using all major payment solutions
  • Developing concepts for solving the challenges posed by urban district management together with our customers and business partners
  • Developing, assessing and launching additional ideas via Ampolon Ventures, and exploring how banking issues can be included
  • Systematically obtaining (re-)certifications in the area of information security and data protection
  • Increasing transparency regarding sustainability aspects of our digital solutions, including examining the development of sustainability metrics for our clients

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