Materiality analysis

A key element in our future viability

Put simply, we define sustainability as everything that helps to secure Aareal Bank Group's long-term business success – and hence its future viability.

We regularly update our materiality matrix to identify and prioritise these topics. Maintaining constant dialogue with our stakeholders is crucial for us here – it allows us to constantly poll their needs and expectations and to reflect these properly in our sustainability strategy.

We use a variety of different formats for our stakeholder dialogue, with personal discussions being the most important of these. In our experience, identifying and understanding changes in stakeholder requirements and expectations can best be done through direct dialogue.

We check whether our materiality matrix is still focused on the key strategic issues for business opportunities and risks by conducting ongoing expert interviews with representatives of different stakeholder groups. The discussions we held in the past financial year confirmed our existing assessment of the action areas.

Aareal Bank Group’s materiality matrix

Startseite Wesentlichkeitsmatrix Aareal Bank En
*Based on the assessments by management and specialist divisions (including assumed stakeholder expectations) / **e.g. clients/advisory boards, Supervisory Board, rating agencies

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